Compiled by Bert Thompson 25 May 1994

Edited by Thomas Hedden, Sept 1996

The following list of books on software internationalization and localization was compiled by Bert Thompson and posted to some mailing list or news group (I've forgotten which). I have edited it a bit, and added a few titles. We all owe a big thank you to Bert: Thanks Bert, wherever you are!

Many of these books can be purchased at better bookshops or from Multilingual Computing, Inc., as well as directly from the publishers. The contact information for some of the publishers is given, since it is necessary for some of them.

Order from: your local IBM branch office

NLS Information & Design Guide
Vol 1, Designing Enabled Products, Rules and Guidelines, SE09-8001.
Vol 2, Reference Manual, SE09-8002.
Vol 3, Arabic Script Languages, SE09-8003.
Vol 4, Hebrew, SE09-8004.

Character Data Representation Architecture
Level 1, Reference, SC09-1390.
Level 1, Registry, SC09-1391.
Executive Overview, SC09-1392.

3174 Establishment Controller Character Set Reference, GA27-3831.

DBCS Design Guide - System/370 Software, GG18-9095.

DBCS Applications Primer - Enabling your programs for Chinese/
Japanese/Korean), GG18-9059.

Keys to Sort and Search for Culturally Expected Results, GG24-3516.

National Language Support (NLS) Enabling of IBM AS/400

IBM 3174 CECP Migration Issues, GG24-3380.

CUA Advanced Interface Design Reference, SC34-4290.

IBM. 1994. National Language Support Reference Manual, vol.
     2 (4th edn.). Armonk, NY: International Business Machines
     Corp. [part no. SE09-8002-03]


Microsoft Press
(a division of Microsoft Corporation)
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA  98052-6399
Tel (206) 882-8080
Fax (206) 936-7329

Hall, William S. 1991. Adapt Your Program for Worldwide Use with
     Windows Internationalization Support. Microsoft Systems
     Journal, 6:6.29-58.

Hall, William S. 1993. Internationalizing Software for Windows.
     Microsoft Windows 3.1 Developer's Workshop, pp. 3-90.
     Microsoft Press. ISBN 1-55615-480-1, $34.95.

Hall, William S. 1994. Internationalization in Windows NT, Part I:
     Programming with Unicode. Microsoft Systems Journal,

Kano, Nadine. 1995. Developing International Software for
     Microsoft® Windows©. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press.

Microsoft Corporation. 1994. Microsoft® Windows©
     Globalization Resource Kit (CD-ROM). Redmond, WA:
     Microsoft Corporation. Available free from the Microsoft
     Developer Relations Group Globalization Team.

Microsoft Developer Relations Group Globalization Team
     The MDRGGT supplies the Microsoft Globalization Resource
     Kit CD-ROM, RLTools, etc. E-mail

Microsoft Corporation. 199?. The GUI Guide: International
     Terminology for the Windows Interface. European Edition.
     Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press. ISBN 1-55615-538-7. $29.95.
     [Note: this has been largely superseded by Microsoft's
     electronic glossaries available via anonymous ftp from
     Microsoft's ftp server:]

Order from: DECdirect 800-DIGITAL (800-344-4825)

DEC. 1991. Digital Guide to Developing International
     Software. Bedford, MA: Digital Press. ISBN 1-55558-063-7,
     0-13-211228-0. $28.95. Order number EY-F577E-DP.

Jones, Scott, Cynthia Kennelly, Claudia Mueller, Marcia Sweezey,
     Bill Thomas, and Lydia Velez. 1992. Developing
     International User Information. Bedford, MA: Digital
     Press. 1-55558-84-X, 0-13-210246-3. $24.95. Order number

Digital Technical Journal 5:3 (Summer 1993). $16.00. This issue
     of the DTJ is devoted to Product Internationalization. The
     articles published in this issue are: International Cultural
     Differences in Software; Unicode: A Universal Character Code;
     The X/Open Internationalization Model; The Ordering of
     Universal Character Strings; International Distributed Systems
     - Architectural and Practical Issues; Supporting the Chinese,
     Japanese, and Korean Languages in the OpenVMS Operating
     System; Character Internationalization in Databases: A Case
     Study; and Japanese Input Method Independent of Applications.

Sun Microsystems

SunSoft Press
Click here for German titles

Snail mail:    Sun Microsystems, Inc.
               2550 Garcia Avenue
               Mountain View  CA  94043

Software Internationalization Guide, Part No. 800-5972-04.

Tuthill, Bill. 1993. Solaris® International Developer's
     Guide. Mountain View, CA: Sun Microsystems.

Hewlett Packard

Order from Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard. 1992. Native Language Support: User's Guide HP
     9000 Computers. Palo Alto, CA: Hewlett-Packard Co. [part
     no. B2355-09936]

Madell, Tom, Clark Parsons, and John Abegg. 1994. Developing and
     Localizing International Software. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:
     Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-300674-3. $33.00


Apple Computer. 1992. Guide to Macintosh Software
     Localization. Reading, MA, etc.: Addison-Wesley Publishing
     Co. ISBN 0-201-60856-1. $24.95

Glossaries, Macintosh
     Can be downloaded off AppleLink.

Order from:    UniForum
               2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 201
               Santa Clara  CA  95054

Martin, Sandra. 1992. UniForum Technology Guide: Internationaliza-
     tion Explored. UniForum, September 1992. ISBN
     0-936593-18-0. $10.00.

Unicode Consortium. 1991-1992. The Unicode Standard: Worldwide
     Character Encoding. Version 1.0, vols. 1-2. Addison-Wesley.
     ISBN 0-201-56788-1 (vol. 1) and 0-201-60845-6 (vol. 2). $32.95
     (vol. 1) and $29.95 (vol. 2).

Unix International
Order from:    Unix International
               Waterview Corporate Center
               20 Waterview Boulevard
               Parsippany  NJ  07054

Unix International. 1993. Guidelines for the Development of
     Localization Packages.

Order from:    X/Open Company Ltd.
               P.O. Box 109
               Penn, High Wycombe
               Bucks HP10 8NP

Internationalisation Guide - Version 2.  X/Open, 1993.
ISBN 1-859120-02-4.

Distributed Internationalisation Services.  X/Open, 1992.
ISBN 1-872630-75-8.

Internationalisation of Networking Specifications. X/Open, 1993.
ISBN 1-872630-87-1.

System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 4. X/Open, 1992. ISBN

Order from: International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
     1, Rue de Varembé
     Case postale 56
     CH-1211 Genève 20


     Phillips Business Information
     1201 Seven Locks Road
     Potomac  MD  20854

International Standard ISO 639:1988  -  Code for the representation
of names of languages.

International Standard ISO 646:1990  -  7-bit coded character set
for information interchange (ASCII is the US variant of ISO 646).

International standard ISO 2022:1986 -  ISO 7-bit and 8-bit coded
character sets - Code extension techniques.

International Standard ISO 3166:1988 - Codes for the representation
of names of countries.

International Standard ISO 4217:1987 - Codes for the representation
of currencies and funds.

International standard ISO 8601:1988  -  Data elements and inter-
change formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates
and times.

International standard ISO 8859 (Parts 1-10)  -  8-bit single-byte
coded graphic character sets.
Part 1: ISO Latin-1 character set (west European languages)
Part 2: ISO Latin-2 character set (east European languages)
Part 3: ISO Latin-3 character set (southeastern European languages)
Part 4: ISO Latin-4 character set (north European languages)
Part 5: ISO Latin-Cyrillic Alphabet character set
Part 6: ISO Latin-Arabic Alphabet character set
Part 7: ISO Latin-Greek Alphabet character set
Part 8: ISO Latin-Hebrew Alphabet character set
Part 9: ISO Latin-5 character set (west European and Turkish)
Part 10: ISO Latin-6 character set (Baltic countries)

International Standard ISO/IEC 9945-2:1993  -  POSIX Shell and

International Standard ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993  -  Universal multiple
-octet coded character set.


Deitsch, Andrew & David Czarnecki. 2001. Java™ Internationalization.
     O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. $39.95. ISBN 0-596-00019-7.

Lunde, Ken. 1993. Understanding Japanese Information Processing.
     O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. $30. ISBN 1-56592-043-0.
     [new edition is or will shortly be available]

Nielsen, Jakob, ed. Designing User Interfaces for International
     Use. Elsevier Science Publishers. ISBN 0-444-88428-9.

O'Donnell, Sandra Martin. Programming for the Whole World: A
     Guide to Internationalization. 1994. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:
     Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0-13-722190-8. $38.

Plauger, P.J. 1992. The Standard C Library. Prentice Hall.
     ISBN 0-13-131509-9.

Taylor, David. 1993. Global Software: Developing Applications
     for the International Market. Springer-Verlag. ISBN
     0-387-97706-6. $34.

Uren, Emmanuel, Robert Howard, and Tiziana Preinotti. 1993.
     Software Internationalization and Localization: An
     Introduction. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. ISBN

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