Localization Tools

There are two kinds of tools used in software localization: dedicated software localization tools, and programming tools which can also be used for localization.

There are very few software localization tools which fall into the first category. A prime example is ResEdit by Apple Computer (now considered a legacy product). There are other language technology tools which can be used for software localization.

The second category of software localization tools, that is software development tools, are familiar to programmers, but are likely to be unknown to translators. Some of them are included in compilers which can be purchased at stores which sell commercial software.

Many translators are not aware that development tools are readily available through mail-order sources. Here is a list of mail-order outfits which provide free catalogs:

General Software mail-order outfits:

PC & Mac Connection
6 Mill Street
Marlow, NH  03456
tel (orders) 800-800-1111; (questions) 603-446-1111
fax 603-446-7791
Computers, commercial software, and peripherals for PCs and Macs.

Software Spectrum
2140 Merritt Drive
Garland, TX  75041
tel 800-787-1166
fax 800-959-0066
PC software, including network software and some development tools.

Mac Zone
15815 SE 37th Street
Bellvue, WA  98006-1800
tel (US tool-free) 800-248-0800; (international) 206-603-2570
fax (US) 206-603-2500; (international) 206-603-2550
www http://www.maczone.com/maczone or http://www.internetMCI.com

2645 Maricopa Street
Torrance, CA  90503-5144
tel (individual orders) 800-222-2808; (cust. service) 800-560-6800
fax (individual orders) 310-225-4000
tel (corporate orders) 800-552-8883
fax (corporate orders) 310-225-4005
tel (technical support) 800-760-0300
Macintosh hardware and commercial software.

2645 Maricopa Street
Torrance, CA  90503-5144
tel (individual orders) 800-555-6255; (cust. service) 800-555-3613
fax (individual orders) 310-225-4004
tel (corporate orders) 800-555-4204
fax (corporate orders) 310-225-4005
tel (technical support) 800-727-7579
PC hardware and commercial software.

Mail order outfits catering to developers and localizers:

APDA (Apple Developers Association)
Apple Computer, Inc.
P.O. Box 319
Buffalo, NY  14207-0319
tel	(US toll-free)		800/282-2732
	(Canada toll-free)	800/637-0029
	(international)		716/871-6555
fax				716/871-6511
AppleLink			APDA
CompuServe			76666,2405
Internet			APDA@applelink.apple.com
Americal Online			APDAorder
The best place to get Macintosh development
and localization tools and books.

Programmer's Paradise
1157 Shrewsbury Avenue
Shrewsbury, NJ  07702-4321
tel +1 (800) 445-7899
fax +1 (732) 389-2263
An excellent place to get PC development tools.

Programmer's Supershop
90 Industrial Park Road
Hingham, MA  02043
tel 800-421-8006; 617-740-8006
fax 617-749-2018

Mail order outfits carrying foreign-language software:

Language Systems
"A one stop shop for Islamic, Arabic, and educational software"
tel	801/491-8422
fax	801/491-8140
email:	abdulla2@ix.netcom.com
www:	http://www.sanasys.com/lsystems

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