Software Conferences

The following conferences include some which concern software localization. For details, contact the organizaers directly.

International Software Business Development Conference
Globalizing Software Conference
Organized by Communications Events, Inc.
37 North Avenue
Norwalk, CT  06851
tel 800/322-9332
fax 203/847-3399
Provides senior management and international sales and
marketing managers with the opportunity to confer with
today's leaders in the international software market.
Learn how they are tackling the most complex business
and marketing issues being faced in the international
marketplace. Featured are industry leaders from
companies like Microsoft, Sybase, Progress, Novell,
WordPerfect, Lotus, and Apple.
Exhibitors at the Globalizing Software Conference
include Multilingual Computing, MCB Systems, various
localization agencies, etc. The 5th conference took
place in February 1995, in San Francisco.

Registration Department
COMDEX/Fall '95 (etc.)
300 First Avenue
Needham, MA  02194-2722
fax 617/449-2674
(Enter CUSTOMER CODE # found on Mail Panel and
Registration Form. If you need a Registration
Form, call 617/449-5554, enter code 90, and
key in your fax number. Registration Form will
be faxed within 24 hours.)
Billed as "the world's most important
information technology event". Often
features keynote speakers such as
Lou Gerstner (Chairman and CEO of IBM),
Bill Gates (Chairmand and CEO of Microsoft),
and RobertFrankenberg (Chairman and CEO of




Washington Software Association
Annual Developers Conference
10940 NE 33rd Place, Suite 206
Seattle, WA 98004
tel 206/889-8880
fax 206/889-8014

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