Online Terminology Resources

What you really want is coming soon: T9Y. Until then, this page provides links to various terminology resources.

IATE has replaced Eurodicautom, the European Commission's multilingual term bank.

Click here to jump to a web site for terminology research work "Terminology Forum". There you can find links to e.g. an extensive list of online glossaries from different fields (see TERM-ONLINE) and a list of general language glossaries (see WORD-ONLINE). There are several other lists of links related to terminology, too.

Another site which has numerous links to glossaries is the glossaries page of Language Automation.

Click here to jump to the ITU Telecommunication Terminology Database (TERMITE).

Click here to jump to multilingual environmental glossary of the European Environment Agency.

If you can read Russian, Latvian and other East-European languages, click here to jump to a Latvian-Russian-English terminology site.

A good site for finding other multilingual glossaries is, not to be confused with the MultiLingual Computing site.

A good site for finding both glossaries and translations and/or definitions of terms is OneLook.

Click here to access Medline, which provides access to abstracts of many medical articles (English only).

Click here to access information about pharmaceuticals (English only).

Click here to access information about GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Click here to access the SEC Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Terms.

A good site for finding other monolingual English glossaries is the Glossarist, if you can stand its advertising.

Although a lot remains to be done before it will be possible to speak of standardizing terminology in a meaningful way, some standards organizations have efforts have been made in this direction.

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