Displaying Multiple Foreign Languages Using Unicode

This is a test page to demonstrate how it is possible, using Unicode®, to display multiple languages which use incompatible character sets. If the any of the languages are not displayed correctly, make sure that you are using the character set Unicode (UTF8) to view the page. (This character set should be selected automatically, but your browser might not do this.) If any language still does not display correctly, the system you are using is probably incapable of displaying that language, even in the traditional manner.


ما هي الشفرة الموحدة "يونِكود" ؟

Japanese is 日本語


Этот сервер задуман, как сервер о городе.


W dostępnym światowym piśmennictwie ...


Wie der Name schon andeutet, dienen Fließkommazahlen der Aufnahme von Zahlen, die einen Nachkommateil benötigen, wie zum Beispiel Pi (3,14159265 ...).


En micro-informatique professionnelle, des interfaces standardisées servent à contrôler des unités graphiques, des unités de disques notamment.

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