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Services Offered
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Thomas Hedden

Services Offered

Thomas Hedden offers free-lance technical translation services from French, German, Polish, and Russian. For steady clients, he also offers translation services from Lithuanian and Serbo-Croatian, and sometimes editing/proofreading of other translators' work.

Subject specialties include biomedical sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals; alternative energy (solar and wind power, etc.); and also software and telecommunications. Work is accepted in most technical fields.

Typical documents that Thomas Hedden translates are patents, scientific articles, pharmaceutical SPC's (summaries of product characteristics), instruction manuals, regulatory affairs documentation, and quality assurance documents. He also has experience localizing (translating) software.

Thomas Hedden has worked as a quality assurance engineer in a software company that developed software for the pharmaceutical industry, and is familiar with the software development and quality assurance process.

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