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2023. Book (translator): Günther, Hanns (Walter de Haas). In a Hundred Years: alternative energy sources in the post-carbon world. IngramSpark. ISBN 978-0-9987887-8-4.
2011. Book (co-translator): Alekperov, Vagit. Oil of Russia: past, present, and future. Minneapolis, MN: East View Press. ISBN 978-1-879944-07-7.
2007. Article: DVD Region Codes and Video Encoding Standards, and How to Overcome Them. Appeared in the Language Tech News, vol. 1, no. 4 (December 2007), pp. 3-8.
2007. Article: Home Exchanges Make Long Trips Affordable. The ATA Chronicle, Nov./Dec. 2007, pp. 27-30.
2006. Article: Configuring the AirLink 101 APSUSB2 print server on Linux.
2006. Article: The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on Linux.
2006. Game review: Gorky 17 for Linux. Tux Magazine, issue 17, September, 2006, pages 30-32.
2006. Article: Clam AntiVirus — a GPL Virus Scanner..
2005. Article: Cygwin: a Linux-like Environment for Windows®..
2005. Software review: WordFinder Professional 8 Software with Collins German-English English-German Dictionary (4th edn.) on CD-ROM. Appeared in The ATA Chronicle, June 2005, pp. 53-57.
2005. Book (contributor): Open Source Update 2005: A guide to free and open source software for translators. Published by Lulu Press.
2005. Article: Configuring a computer to boot off the CD-ROM drive..
2005. Article: Trying Out Linux.
2004. Article: How to add a "favicon" (shortcut icon) to your web page..
2003. Article: Converting Cyrillic word-processed files to text..
2003. Article: Running X application as root in Linux..
1999. Product review: Walter Greulich and Dirk Meenenga Wörterbuch der Physik. Englisch-Deutsch / Deutsch-Englisch (CD-ROM version). Abbreviated version appeared in The ATA Chronicle, Jan. 1999, pp. 66-68.
1997. Product review: Gerhard Wenske Dictionary of Chemistry on CD-ROM. English/German. Deutsch/Englisch. Abbreviated version appeared in The ATA Chronicle, October 1997, pp. 43-44.
1996. Article: Internationalizing UNIX shell scripts..
1995. Article: 1996. Article: Displaying Multiple Foreign Languages Using Unicode.
1994-1995. Product review: Kappa Type Fonts for East European Languages. Multilingual Computing 6:1.51.
1994-1995. Product review: MetaKey™. Multilingual Computing 5:3.23.
1994-1995. Article: ATA Conference. Multilingual Computing 5:3.52.
1992. Article: A brief introduction to machine translation..

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