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Unlike many translators who take degrees in translation and interpreting (T & I), Thomas Hedden began his academic career in biochemistry, and later switched to foreign languages, ultimately completing the Ph.D. degree at the University of California, Berkeley in historical and comparative Slavic linguistics. Thomas Hedden did his first professional translation while an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received the B.S. degree with a double major in biochemistry and Russian. While a graduate student, he did occasional free-lance translation work and lived in several foreign countries, including the former Soviet Union, and later Poland. He later received practice-oriented certificates in the UNIX operating system and computer programming from community colleges in California and Massachusetts. He has been certified by the American Translators Association in the language combinations French-English, German-English, Polish-English, and Russian-English. His formal qualifications are summarized in his resume

After graduating, Thomas Hedden worked for four years in a well-known translation agency in California, where he interacted with both the clients who were the end users of translations, and with the translators who actually did the work. This industry experience gave him valuable insight into the needs of clients.

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