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Technical translation is a hybrid skill. On the one hand, all translators have to understand the source language (the language from which they are translating) and have good writing skills in the target language (the language into which they are translating), already an unusual combination. However, in order for technical translations to be not only linguistically correct but also technically accurate it is also necessary for the translator to understand the technical aspects of the subject matter of the translation. It is rare for a translator to possess both sets of skills. Some technical translators acquire both sets of skills by getting their education in one country and then moving to another country. Thomas Hedden acquired both sets of skills by changing fields. For more information about Thomas Hedden's qualifications, click on the "Qualifications" link in the left column.

Technical translations often involve very specialized subjects: small components of automotive transmissions, rare side effects of pharmaceutical products, the requirements for a radio transmitter, etc. At the same time, every translation is different, and no technical translator can be an expert in all fields. For this reason, good technical translators must have a broad background, be able to master new material quickly, and have good resources available to them.

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