Picture of medical terms in various foreign languages including French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian

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Partial List of Clients

These are clients for whom I have worked at some point. I may or may not still be doing translations for any one of them; in fact some of them may no longer exist or may have changed their names.

Academy of Legal and Technical Translators
Accent on Languages
Advanced Global Services
Agnew Tech-II
Allen Translation Service
America Translating Services, Inc.
Antler Translation Services
Benemann Translation Center
Berkeley Scientific Translation Service
Berlitz Translation Services
Bowne Translation Company
Calderon Translations
Cambridge Translation Resources
Comprehensive Language Center, (formerly known as CACI)
Connective Language Services LLC
Copper Translations, Inc.
Corporate Translations, Inc. (I no longer work for Corporate Translations)
CyberTrans International
Eriksen Translations Inc.
Foreign Language Center
Foreign Language Services
Health Outcomes Group
Idem Translations, Inc. (I no longer work for Idem Translations)
Inlingua San Diego
Intercontinental Translations
Inter Lingua, Inc.
Intermark Language Services Corporation
ION Translations, LLC
Iverson Language Associates
Language Center
Language Company
Language Institute
Language Lab
Language Service
Language Services International
McNeil Multilingual
medax Medizinischer Sprachendienst
Medizinisch-pharmazeutische Übersetzungen GmbH (I have not worked for MPÜ since 2011)
New World Medium
Okada & Sellin Translations
Princeton Technical Translation Center
Robert Bentley, Inc.
Russian Word
SH3, Inc.
SimulTrans (I have not worked for SimulTrans since 1994)
SL International
Terra Pacific Writing Corporation
Translation Aces
Translations International
Transperfect Translations (I have not worked for Transperfect since 2007)
Tristan Translations
Whitman Language Services
Word Pros
Xplanation Language Services

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