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Thomas Hedden


SUMMARY:        Technical translator with extensive experience 

OBJECTIVE:      Contract translation work in the fields of biomedical
		and environmental sciences

LANGUAGES:      German: ATA-certified in German-English
                Russian: ATA-certified in Russian-English
                Polish: ATA-certified in Polish-English
		French: ATA-certified in French-English

SUBJECTS:       Biomedical sciences
		Chemistry and biochemistry
		Environmental sciences, including alternative energy
		Earth sciences, petroleum industry
		Automotive engineering

EDUCATION:      Certificate in UNIX, UMass Lowell, 2000
                Certificate of completion in UNIX systems administration
			Foothill College, California, 1999
                Ph.D., Slavic Languages, Berkeley, 1988
                EESLI Summer Language course in Lithuanian
			University of California, Los Angeles, 1986
                Summer Language course in Russian
			Leningrad State University (Saint Petersburg State University), 1985
                Polonicum Summer Language course
			University of Warsaw, 1984
                M.A., Slavic Languages
			University of California, Los Angeles, 1979
                B.S., Biochemistry and Russian,
			University of Wisconsin, 1977
                I have also visited many museums

APPLICATIONS:   Standard office, networking, and programming applications
		Translation tools


January 1996 -		Full-time independent translator
present			Click here for a partial list of clients

April 1995 -		Consilium, Mountain View, CA
January 1996		German Quality Assurance

August 1994		Full-time independent translator
- April 1995	

August 1990		SimulTrans (formerly American Translators)
- July 1994		Mountain View, CA
			Senior Project Manager

PROFESSIONAL            American Translators Association

FOREIGN                 Russia, 1 year including 2 weeks in 1993
TRAVEL:                 Poland, 6 months, including 1 week in 1993
			Québec, honeymoon
                        Germany, 5 weeks in 2003, 6 weeks in 2007
                        Switzerland, most recently 1 week in 2003
                        Austria, most recently 2003
                        France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

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