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Old Tips of the Day

Converting Cyrillic word-processed files to text.
Thomas Hedden's favorite guacamole recipe.
Running X application as root in Linux.
An alternative version of Genesis.
Display of multiple foreign languages using Unicode.
The world's best date nut cake recipe.
A brief introduction to machine translation.
How to add a "favicon" (shortcut icon) to your web page.
Tom Hedden's hot vegetarian chili recipe.
Assisted computing facilities.
Internationalizing UNIX shell scripts.
Free and open source software for translators.
Configuring a computer to boot off the CD-ROM drive.
Cygwin: a Linux-like Environment for Windows®.
Clam AntiVirus — a GPL Virus Scanner.
The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on linux
Configuring the AirLink 101 APSUSB2 print server on Linux

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